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erkannte Namen Pascal Designmethoden |
Textauszug aus Quelle gnal Prozessor Processor Assembler Softwareapplikationen graphische Benutzeroberfl�che GUI Anwendungsprogramme C C++ Pascal Designmethoden OMT UML Booch Rumbaught Jacobson Systemlösungen Informatiklösungen Netz
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Textauszug aus Quelle digital signal processor) and a FPGA (field programmable gate array) makes it possible to compute the FFT and the subsequent trigonometric calculations in real-time. The complete data processing for two search
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Textauszug aus Quelle Digital Signal Processor, DDR2 RAM, developed for the European Space Agency Development board for Leon/GRLIB applications on Xilinx Spartan 6 technology with DDR2 memory, GBit Ethernet, DVI, and numerous user i
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HTML Description Do You Like Surprises? Not in ER&D...
Textauszug aus Quelle device on one processor and therewith optimized size and price? Internet of Things for Home Automation How have increased the comfort for tenants with an IoT (Internet of Things) system? Flight Test Instrument
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