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Textauszug aus Quelle View Larger Image The HTMi Career Centre started strong the Recruitment Week 2017 The HTMi Career Centre is proud to announce that we officially started the Recruitment Week for the Spring Semester 2017. On Friday, 10.03.2017 we welcomed on our campus in Sörenberg the HRC International recruitment
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Textauszug aus Quelle 27.02.2018 Major restaurant partners sign up for THE CIRCLE THE CIRCLE is filling with life. Flughafen Zürich AG is pleased to announce three prominent restaurant operators have taken leases for premises in THE CIRCLE – Carlton Zürich AG, Two Spice AG and Essenszeit GmbH. Together with their team
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HTML Description Graubünden - Culture of Construction Culture of Construction Region
Textauszug aus Quelle Contemporary Architecture Graubünden is not only known for its mountains and tourism, but for its castles and mansions, medieval churches and paintings and the farmhouses of the Engadine Valley. Built upon this rich tradition, Graubünden has quietly and slowly grown to be one of the most important
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