Hosea Ballou
Administration of the Chinese Empire. Longmans, Green and Co., New York, Bombay, Calcutta, 1908. Mynak A. Tulku: “The Eight Auspicious Objects http://tibet-encyclopaedia.de/tibetische-muenzen.html

York Moma
Spalte 2: Ausstellungsbeteiligungen Füge hinzu: 1955 Kassel documenta I. (Kat.) 1957 New York Moma: German art of the twentieth century (Kat.).1960 Rio de Janeiro http://kunst-in-der-krise.de/Nachtraege/bd2.htm

Diamond Record
Decca Record Co. Ldt. 00171 The Decca Record Co. Ldt. 00171 Made by EMI (Australia) Limited, Sydney, N.S.W. 00171 Diamond Record Corporation, New York, NY. 00176 Diamond http://musiktiteldb.de/LabelindexTabelle.html

June Price
Thayer, Aldershot, S. 101-115. Parrott, W. Gerrod (2014): The Positive Side of Negative Emotions, New York. Parsons, John Carmi (1999): "Loved Him - Hated Her". Honor and Shame http://shamestudies.de/biblio.php

York United
with the establishment of the New York Central Railroad, a system was built that tied New York’s major cities to Chicago , Boston , Montreal , and other urban centres. Although https://www.britannica.com/place/New-York-state

Thomas Wharton
Jersey. The duke of York in turn granted that portion of his lands to John Berkeley and George Carteret , two close friends and allies of the king. In 1665 Berkeley https://www.britannica.com/place/United-States/The-New-England-colonies

Jason Henry
time to hire more engineers for his start-up.Credit Jason Henry for The New York Times Immigration officials do not acknowledge the outsourcing firms’ advantage. “The selection process is completely random https://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/11/us/large-companies-game-h-1b-visa-program-leaving-smaller-ones-in-the-cold.html?_r=0

York Detective
women have been found dead in a meadow of the past 12 months. New York Detective Tommy Conley (Dominic Monaghan) gets a special dispensation from the NYPD to go observe https://www.buildseries.com/video/5af9cf964ff6c343a91bacbe/

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