Patricia Mamona
Facebook e You Tube . We have created a space, a place and a time for a whole series of videos in which Patricia Mamona will share slices of her lifeícia-mamona-triple-jump-into-success/

Amine Bouhafa
promising French composers have been selected through a national call to take part to this session. These composers alongside the filmmakers taking part in Next Step will attend a masterclass

Fee Caro N
gsoc] Congratulations to the 1,264 students who have been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2018! These students will spe… Fee [_Caro_N] We’re starting

James Bourne
will give you some performance boostes, but *only* if you have many runable processes a majority of the time, or very heavily threaded applications running on the system. (an example

Zach Hartle
challenging to me. His efforts will save me many hours going forward, and for that, I am very grateful. You clearly have an excellent employee in Mr. Dinev! His knowledge

Doreen Tusingwire
that time will always wait for them. But it won’t. If we want to change the situation of the poor youngsters in the village, we have to become actively

Cédric Fankhauser
Cédric Fankhauser, Senior Executive Consultant, will talk to you about the art of networking and share some successful examples from the field. You have the opportunity

Zane Lucas
trustworthiness of Symantec®’s infrastructure, and as a result, the SSL Certificates that have been or will be issued from it. --- ENDS ---- For more information, interviews and images contact: Zane

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