Michelle Danner
Edgemar Center for the Arts LA Intensive Program for professional international actors with Michelle Danner 2016 Weiterbildung zur Synchron Schauspielerin in München 2016 Schauspiel/Regie Workshop https://filmmakers.de/filmmakers2/actor.php5?rid=ca1ff3c55382142a6de419116a729ccc

Georges Gurvitch
coordinates a research project on the Russian-French sociologist and philosopher Georges Gurvitch for the French sociological association ANAMNESE (IMEC Paris/Caen University), and she writes http://simmel-gesellschaft.de/00_simmel/wissenscroll.htm

Steve Preston
funded Lucky Star project More... Steve Preston s Asteroid Occultation Updates, a MUST for every observer! More... Dave Herald is the author of WINOCCULT, a cornerstone in occultation predictions http://iota-es.de/partners.html

Vicente Zaragoza
Monaco Charity Film Festival. He has been an investment banker and money manager for http://monacocharityfilmfestival.com/about-us/

Holger Priske
Holger Priske for EUR 15,95 New from EUR 15,95 Used from EUR 11,66 Schwarz weißes braunes Gästebuch GÄSTE für Ferienwohnung Pension Hotel in DIN A4 HARDCOVER https://www.reisebot.de/reisen/travel_tag/unterkuenfte/

Tony Zare
Director of Product Management Tony Zare explains how SMART (System Monitoring and Realtime Telemetry for Broadcast Networks) works. Watch https://www.lawo.de/products/smart/smartdash.html

Joe Geigel
Geigel, F. Kenton Musgrave, A Model for Simulating the Photographic Development Process on Digital Images, in: SIGGRAPH Proceedings 1997, S. 135-142. In ihrem Vorschlag berufen sich https://theorie-der-medien.de/text_detail.php?nr=34

Natascha Kolbe
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