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Dimitri Bähler
Switzerland – Dimitri Bähler This video presents the 4th of 6 introductions of people from the creative industry. Basel-based jewellery designer Luzia Vogt tells us that she reads more than one book at the same time, that she likes the smell of fresh concrete and that she admires not just one person, http://onlinedepot.ch/content/switzerland-2-3-2/

Dimitri Balandin
Dimitri Balandin (KAZ) 2:07,46. 2. Josh Prenot (USA) 2:07,53. 3. Anton Tschupkow (RUS) 2:07,70. Frauen 200 m Delphin 1. Mireia Belmonte (ESP) 2:04,85. 2. Madeline Groves (AUS) 2:04,88. 3. Natsumi Hoshi (JPN) 2:05,20. NZZ_20160812_pnr40.pdf

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