Gideon Pillows
Washington, D.C. Two divisions advanced abreast from the west: Major General Gideon Pillow’s division, with

Lara Boro
part of a new executive team to turnaround the Business Intelligence (BI) division and successfully returned it to growth in 18 months. Lara now has full P&L responsibility

Carlos Rosso
project is led by president of The Related Group’s condo division, Carlos Rosso, as well as the Arquitectonica GEO team that has been working for the past five years

Joëlle Huguenin
Joëlle won first place in the Women s Divisionëlle_Huguenin

Ernst Oberholzer
Gelegenheit an den Mann gebracht. Es gilt auch, das 50 Jahr-Jubiläum der Feld Division 7 zu feiern und vor allem auch von unserer Seite aus zu besuchen. 1988 wird

Gabrielle Marceau
Marceau, Professeure à l Université de Genève et à l IHEID, Conseiller à la Division des affaires juridiques de l OMC. La présentation accompagnant la conférence est disponible dans

Sandro Macciacchini
member of the Ringier AG Group Management, where he headed both the European Publishing Division and the Swiss Magazines Division. From 1989 to 1996 he was with Bertelsmann Group, ultimately

Greg Broadmore
Rodger. There are about 55 people now working on the game in the new division, which is headed up by Broadmore, Taylor tells Glixel. “We have been working

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