Shawn Baldacchino
well as microdissected normal breast duct tissue to establish physiological expression levels. Based on gene expression, we classify breast cancer tumours to identify biomarkers towards novel effective therapeutics." Shawn Baldacchino

Gene Expression
temporal Atlas of Gene Expression in the Drosophila Blastoderm" Cell Vol 133, 364-374, 18 April 2008. J. Freire, D. Koop, E. Santos, and C. Silva. "Provenance for Computational Tasks

Xiongpin Chen
Cloning and Expression Characteristics of the Pig ... - MDPI Cloning and Expression Characteristics of the Pig Stra8 Gene. Xiaoyan Wang †, *, Tingfeng Chen † ... Xiongpin , J.; Jiatong

Ivis Rigal
human cDNA arrays to analyze canine gene expression ... Use of human cDNA arrays to analyze canine gene expression in two cases of ... J. Bernaud, D. Rigal ... Ithaca

Olivier Raineteau
spinal cord injury P 90 / 01.07.2007 bis 30.06.2009 / Euro 49`587.- Ole Kiehn Gene expression in motor neurons

Sophia Johler
Arbeit „Stress response in Staphylococcus aureus: regulatory mechanisms influencing enterotoxin gene expression under stress relevant to food production and preservation“ von Henna-Maria Sihto, erstellt unter der Leitung

Gene Chips
Microarray Core Facility and hybridized to the Affymetrix yeast Gene Chips. The resulting gene expression data are uploaded

Rudal Largiadèr
Embryonic gene expression of Coregonus palaea (whitefish ... T. Binz, C. Largiader , R. Müller, ... W. Eisenreich, J. Heesemann, T. Rudel, W. GoebelMetabolic host responses to infection by intracellular bacterial

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