Ann Maguire
Cary and Ann Maguire Chair in Ethics and American History. From May until the end of July, he will be in residence at the John W. Kluge Center

Albert Tsai
Morales , Albert Tsai , Bailee Madison , Ryan Lee , John O Brien , Eulala Scheel , Payton Maguire , Hannah Brie Howard , Kayla Farrish , Ali Wood director Jeff Melman

John Maguire
According to Archdall in his Monasticum Hibernia; in 1756 John Maguire, O.P., aged 55, was prior and Thomas Nolan, O.P., and Anthony Maguire, O.P., were the priests of the community

Michael William
britannico, in Barbengo (Lugano), membro e direttore generale, con firma collettiva a due; Maguire, Gregory John SHAB_20151012_pnr13.pdf

Johnny Rockets
burger chain has been tapped to run Southern California’s nostalgic brand Johnny Rockets. John Maguire, chief executive at the parent company

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